Is Hwang Sun Hwan Passed Away? Who is Hwang Sun Hwan?- Dead or Alive

Is Hwang Sun Hwan Passed Away? Who is Hwang Sun Hwan?- Dead or Alive: Hwang Sun Hwan is a South Korean actor. He often hits the news headline because of his television appearances and movies but for the past many hours, he found himself in social media rumors. According to the source, the South Korean actor is dead. Yes, many social media posts have claimed that Hwang Sun-Hwan passed away. Is that true? Is actor Hwang Sun Hwan dead or alive? Ample perplexion has occurred regarding the status of the actor. But we have cleared all the speculations in the further given sections. Take a look below.

Hwang Sung Hwan aka Hwang Sun Hwan Passed Away, Who is Hwang Sun-Hwan?- Dead or Alive Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist Passed Away? Hwang Seon Hwan Death

Is Hwang Sun Hwan Passed Away?

Hwang Sun Hwan’s death rumors are circling on the web in a large volume. Thus his followers and people known to him have gone tensed and worried about him. Moreover, rumors are spreading the news that Hwang Sun Hwan has died. This led the netizens to scrounge the weblogs. Eventually, the South Korean actor’s death rumors started traveling on the internet.

But as of yet, no official statement has arrived regarding the same and no verified agency has claimed the same. Thus we also conclude that the South Korean actor named Hwang Sun Hwan is still alive. However, the actor is still yet to address his death rumors. But we suggest you only follow the reliable source of information.

Hwang Sun Hwan Passed Away

Hwang Sun Hwan is a quite well-known face in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, Hwang Sun Hwan is also known as Hwang Seon Hwan. As of yet, Hwang Seon Hwan has appeared in numerous movies such as Yoon-Hee released in 2014, An Uninvited Guest released in 2011, Portrait of a Beauty released in 2008, and Die Bad released in 2000.

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He reprised the role of Chul-Soo in the 2014 release Yoon-Hee. Moreover, he also got praised for his role as a crazy guy in An Uninvited Guest.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist Passed Away?

North Korea’s Psychiatrist is a movie that is based on a novel with the same title. North Korea’s Psychiatrist book also won the Excellence Award at the Korean Short Story Competition in 2016. This book’s story revolves around a doctor who can make people feel comfortable in the midst of madness. The story is related to the Joseon dynasty.
Furthermore, Liu Shifeng is a top acupuncturist and he is favored by a rich family to someone who has psychological issues whenever he picks up a needle in his hand. In addition, Seo Eun Woo is a person who escapes from an agonizing lifestyle and turns into a psychiatrist.

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  • Name: Hwang Sun-Hwan
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Hangul: 황선환
  • Height:
  • Born:
  • Blood Type:


  • Yoon-Hee (2014) – Chul-Soo
  • An Uninvited Guest | Sonim1 Chutbeonjjae Iyagi (2011) – crazy guy
  • Die Bad | Jukgeona Hokeun Nabbeugeona (2000) – Sesame Head
  • Portrait of a Beauty | Miindo (2008) – playboy 10 at gisaeng house

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