[RIP] Hesham Selim Cause Of Death Explained | Egyptian Actor Hesham Selim Died At 64

Just a while ago Egyptian actor Hesham Selim passed away. Without a doubt, it is time for the greatest sorrow for Egyptian industry. According to the reports, Hesham Selim died on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Since the actor was pronounced dead his fans and admirers are eager to learn Hesham Selim cause of death. What was the reason for Hesham Selim’s sudden death? Find this information in the further section.

RIP Obituary Hesham Selim Cause Of Death Explained | Egyptian Actor Hesham Selim  passed away of cancer At age 64,   إبن هشام سليم  نور ابن هشام سليم قبل وبعد

This devastating news was first shared by The Acting Professions Syndicate on Thursday. As per the latest report provided by Mounir Makram, prayers for the late Egyptian actor Hesham Selim would be held after Asr Prayer (Namaz) at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed. But what led the Egyptian actor Hisham Selim to death untimely? As far as we know, he was battling Cancer. Thus we conclude that Hesham Selim died of Cancer.

Hesham Selim Cause Of Death – Cancer

What was Hesham Selim’s age at the time of death? Reportedly, Embratoreyet Meem (Empire M) actor was 64-year-old at the time of his departure. Hesham Selim was born on 27th January 1958. Meanwhile, he was also famous among the people as his father was a popular football player, Saleh Selim.

Hesham Selim’s father Saleh Selim was a renowned football player. Furthermore, Egyptian actor Hesham Selim earned his self-image in 1972 when he marked his acting debut. In 1972, Hesham Selim essayed the role of late actress Faten Hamama’s son in Embratoreyet Meem also known as Empire M. Embratoreyet Meem released 1972. After this, Hesham Selim worked in numerous movies, plays, and dramas.

Nevertheless, Hesham Selim left behind the legacy of his illustrious career in which he worked in more than 50 movies such as Enta Omri, Harb El Gawasis, Al Nazer, and many more.

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Legendary Actor Hesham Selim Passes Away Aged 64

Talking about Hesham Selim’s education and studies, he attended Helwan University where he gained his bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels.

Hesham Selim’s cause of death is cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer.

The statement given by the Undersecretary of the Acting Professions Syndicate named Mounir Makran reads, “The Acting Professions Syndicate announced in statements that prayers for Selim will be held at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed after Asr prayer”.

During this time we offer our deepest condolences to Hesham Selim’s family. Stay tuned to this page.

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