[RIP] Italian Comedian Bruno Arena Passed Away, Bruno Arena Cause of Death Explained

Italian comedian Bruno Arena is reported to have died on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. As per the recent reports, famous comedian Bruno Arena died of a prolonged illness from which he was suffering since 2013. After battling for 9 nine years with his disease he passed away at the age of 65. Meanwhile, this news has taken over the entire Italian social media. Regardless, Bruno Arena was one of the two members of the comic duo I Fichi d’India. Further, read who confirmed Bruno Arena’s death news and what was Bruno Arena’s cause of death. -Italian Comedian Bruno Arena Passed Away, Bruno Arena Cause of Death Explained

Italian Comedian and Actor in Comic Duo I Fichi D'India Bruno Arena Passed Away at age 65, Bruno Arena died of a Cerebral Hemorrhage illness cause of death dead

I Fichi D’India Bruno Arena Passed Away At 65

Reportedly, Bruno Arena’s friend and coworker Paolo Belli took to his Instagram account to share this saddening news. Paolo Belli is widely famous as one of the two members of Prickly Pears. Over the years, Prickly Pears entertained the audience so much. Bruno Arena was also a fast friend of Max Cavallari.

As mentioned, Bruno Arena’s friend Paolo Belli revealed Bruno Arena’s death on social media. Paolo Belli posted a picture in which he is posing with his late friend Bruno Arena. Moreover, Paolo also quoted an emotional message that reads, “RIP, My Great Friend.” Scroll down the page and read what caused him to die.

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What Is Bruno Arena Cause of Death?

Reportedly, the Italian comedian was suffering from a long illness for the last nine years. According to the reports, Bruno Arena’s medical cause of death is a cerebral hemorrhage. Yes, Bruno Arena died of Cerebral Hemorrhage. Additionally, he ruptured an aneurysm which he could not recover. In fact, Bruno Arena was in a wheelchair for the past many days due to his deteriorating condition and he was also not able to deliver his words properly.

According to the source, in 2013 Bruno Arena was recording an episode of Zelig when he was diagnosed with Cerebral Hemorrhage due to an aneurysm. Nevertheless, he was also taken to the San Raffaele Hospital located in Milano. Post-surgery he was always resuscitated in the Lombard Hospital.

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Over the past few years, Bruno Arena was not involved in any activity as he was surrounded by his beloved family members and friends including Max Cavallaro with who he founded a comedy pair in Cilento. Bruno and Max got praises for their hit ventures like Zelig and La Sai Last. Regardless, Prickly Pears also appeared in two movies including Vincenzo Salemme’s Love At First Sight.

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