[RIP] How Did Cherry Valentine Die? Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death Revealed

How Did Cherry Valentine Die? Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death. RuPaul's Drag Race UK star George Ward died at age 28 family announced passed away

How Did Cherry Valentine Die? Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death Revealed: RuPaul’s Drag Race star Cherry Valentine is no more. Sadly the young Cherry Valentine died at the age of 28. Cherry Valentine had appeared in the UK version of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Cherry Valentine was also known as George Ward and he had begun his television career but the young artist died tragically. Meanwhile, Cherry Valentine’s family confirmed this heart-wrenching news. What is the cause of the death of Cherry Valentine? As Cherry passed away at a young age his fans and followers are eager to find Cherry Valentine’s cause of death. Read this information in the further section.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death

Cherry Valentine’s death came as an absolute shock that wrenched his fans’ hearts. Reportedly, Cherry Valentine’s family came fore to address this tragic news. According to a statement posted by his family, Cherry Valentine passed away on Sunday. His family claimed that George passed away tragically but did not reveal his cause of death. But it is rumored that Gypsy Queen And Proud actor George Ward aka Cherry Valentine passed away from a heart attack. But this claim has not been confirmed.

We are trying to get a reliable report regarding Cherry Valentine’s cause of death as soon as possible. So far no update or response has been received. This section will be updated as something confirmed about George Ward’s cause of death comes up.

Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Passed Away At 28

The official statement given by Cherry Valentine’s family reads, “This will come as a great shock to the majority of people, and we recognize that there is no simple way to make this announcement”
“As his family, we are still coming to terms with his passing, and it has changed everything in our lives.”
“We are aware of how he is adored and how many lives he has influenced.”
“We understand how much he is loved and how many lives he has inspired and touched. All we ask is for your patience and your prayers in this time. We love you Georgie.”

Reportedly, George Ward was grown up in Darlington, County Durham while being a part of the Traveller community. Nevertheless, pursued his career as a mental health nurse in 2015 prior to pursuing his Drag career.

Reportedly, Cherry Valentine was one of the 12 Drag Race participants in the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in December 2020. Prior to beginning his Drag career, she pursued her nursing career in 2015.

After getting success and fame on RuPaul’sDrag Race UK, Cherry worked in a BBC documentary titled “Gypsy Queen And Proud.”

Tributes To Drag Star Cherry Valentine aka George Ward

Shortly after the death of Cherry Valentine social media was flooded with tributing posts. Read the deepest condolences and tributing messages below.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK tweeted, “We are utterly heartbroken to hear the shocking news that Cherry Valentine has died. As we try and process this news, our first thoughts are with their loved ones. Sending our love and condolences to their family and friends. RIP Cherry”

Jack Rem tweeted, “Rest In Peace Cherry Valentine. An excellent drag performer who did so much for this world both as a nurse and as a representation of the gypsy community. A profound loss”

Seddera Side tweeted, “RIP to one of the most beautiful and talented queens in the world! Cherry Valentine, you will be so so so missed!”

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