California Shooting Suspect Identified, Who is David Chou?

On Sunday a shooting incident took place in a California church. According to the reports, this is the matter of Geneva Presbyterian Church where an old man allegedly aimed his gun at churchgoers randomly and fired several shots. However, the Orange County Sheriff’s office has identified the suspect. In addition, the suspect is also in police custody right now. Since the news of the California shooting people are desperately looking for detailed information on the same matter. Regardless, we have mentioned every important aspect of the California shooting news. You can rely on this news article. Who is the suspect and what is the name of the shooter who killed several people?

California Shooting
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Who is California Shooting’s Suspect? Know About the Shooter-

As people are scrounging web pages to learn about the shooter we have gathered information from exclusive reports of the California shooting. The suspect is identified as David WenWei Chou. David Chou is accused of killing a person and attempting to murder four people at a church in Laguna Woods.

David Chau is an Asian man and he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. David Chou’s age has come to know, he is currently 68 years of age. Now he is being charged with one count of first-degree murder and five counts of attempt to murder. Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed his identity and they released this information on Monday via Twitter.

4 Injured and 1 Killed in California Shooting-

As per the source, this shooting event happened around 1:30 PM in suburban Southern California’s Laguna Woods. This statement was released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office via Twitter. Moreover, it has also come known that among all the victims of this shooting event are mostly senior citizens. Furthermore, one person died at the scene while the other four got severely injured from gunshots. However, all the injured victims have been taken to a nearby hospital for their treatment.

It has also been learned that after the broke out of shooting event churchgoers stopped him by throwing a chair at the shooter while a bunch of churchgoers handcuffed him and unarmed him as soon as possible. By the time the suspect was apprehended he had killed a person and injured four people.

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