[RIP] Drummer Anton Fier Is Dead, The Feelies Confirmed Anton Fier Death

RIP Drummer Anton Fier Is Dead, The Feelies Confirmed Anton Fier Death. Drummer for the Feelies and Lounge Lizards Died At 66. Fier's Cause of Death & Obituary

It is very sad to hear about the death of iconic drummer Anton Fier. Reportedly, famous American drummer Anton Fier passed away on 21 September 2022, Wednesday. He had played drums for bands like The Feelies, The Golden Palominos, and The Lounge Lizards. It won’t be wrong to say that the music industry just lost a gem recently. Just after the death of Anton Fier many notable musicians and bands paid him tribute via social media. Read below, Anton Fier’s cause of death and age. Also Who confirmed Anton Fier Death News?

Feelies Shared Anton Fier Death News

According to The Feelies, drummer Anton Fier died at the age of 66 years. Meanwhile, his fellow bandmates in the Feelies confirmed Anton Fier’s death news.

The official statement reads, “Last evening, we received the sad news of Anton’s passing,”
“For far too short of time, throughout our own musical journey, we had the pleasure of playing with him. As a musician, Anton held himself to a very high bar, which in turn inspired those around him to be better. We all lost a wonderful musician, a truly great drummer. And peace has found him.”

Anton Fier Passed Away At 66

As Anton Fier died at the age of 66 his cause of death became the center topic. But unfortunately, there is no detail about his cause of death. Anton Fier’s cause of death is still unknown. But it seems that his cause of death is natural.

Let’s talk about the late drummer Anton Fier’s early life. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on 20th June 1956. Furthermore, Fier was in his early 20s when he traveled to New York to play drums in Feelies’ notable album Crazy Rhythms but he left the band shortly after the album’s release.

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Further, Anton Fier joined Lounge Lizards where he work with John Lurie and released their debut album in 1981. A few days later, the band signed a few more musicians for his band The Golden Palominos such as Arto Lindsay, Fred Frith, Bill Laswell, and John Zorn.

What Is Anton Fier Cause of Death?

Anton Fier had become the in-demand drummer in New York’s mainstream. Meanwhile, he later also performed with Pere Ubu, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, Gil Scott-Heron, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Arto Lindsay, Bob Mould, and many more.

Prolific he also worked as a producer with acts including The Grapes of Wrath, Drivin’ N’ Cryin, and Joe Henry.

As mentioned above many people paid tribute to the late drummer Anton Fier on Twitter. Likewise, Anton Fier’s bandmate John Lurie tweeted, “Very sorry to hear about the passing of Anton Fier, The Lounge Lizards would never have gotten off the ground without him. He showed us how to work on music. Demanded it”

Famous personalities who also paid tribute to Antor Fier after his death are Jon Wurster, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Bob Mould, Patrick Carney, and Jason Narducky.

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